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To accomplish our goal of high quality early childhood education we provide:

  • Small class sizes. No more than 8 children per class;
  • Experienced Early Childhood Educators;
  • A dedicated 2300 sq.ft building on 0.2 acres. Bright classrooms, furnished with age-appropriate materials plus two spacious playground areas in a safe physical setting;
  • Planned monthly and weekly themes and a structure day with a range of physical, artistic, social and cognitive activities;
  • Safe, hygienic standards and environment.

We are dedicated to providing high quality early childhood education programs for children between 18 months and 5 years of age.  We focus on learning through play because that is what small children know how to do best!

Our daycare is called Lil’ Dancing Owls to reflect the fact that small children are curious little creatures with increasing mental reasoning and motor skills that love to have fun dancing, running, singing and exploring the world around them.

Lil’ Dancing Owls Daycare

is owned by Paulyn Chua and Johanna Faccini. Two long time friends and mothers with backgrounds in business, accounting, education and engineering.  We are committed to delivering the best care program for your child in a loving, safe and nurturing environment.

We hope you and your child feel that Lil’ Dancing Owls is a great place to be, to grow, to play and learn.  If you have any questions of comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.