Born and raised in the Philippines, Paulyn has called Kelowna home for the last 14 years. She completed her post secondary education at what was then the Okanagan University College, obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and was awarded the Governor General’s Silver Academic Medal.  She further pursued her education and attained her Chartered Accountant designation in January of 2006.

Growing up with parents who are both business people, she has always had this innate passion for owning and running her own business.  She has helped set up several businesses for other people, and played a critical role in putting together one of Kelowna’s most prominent real estate development.  Being away from her daughter, Emma, to go back to her full time accounting job was challenging.   So when the opportunity presented itself with owning and operating the daycare, Paulyn jumped on it.  This provides the balance she is seeking of spending time with her daughter as well as still being able to run a business.

Now being a mom herself, she understands the concerns of parents when they leave their children under the care of other people.  She believes in putting children’s health and safety as the highest priority, and at the same time, letting children learn through play.  Paulyn currently does not have her Early Childhood Education certification, but she believes that if she just listens to her instincts as a mom that she will always make the right decision for the care of the children.



Johanna is a mother of two energetic children, one attending middle school and the other attending Glenmore Elementary across from Lil’ Dancing Owls Daycare.  She is an environmental engineer consultant with a passion for education, particularly science education.  She marvels at small children ability to wonder and discover the world around them through exploration and play.  A couple of years ago she worked as a freelance science writer for a children’s magazine, has also volunteered for the school science club and had been invited to present science related topics for Kids for Inquiry.

With over 15 years of experience teaching young adults in undergraduate engineering programs and high school, Johanna values the learning process and importance of providing young minds with the environment and tools to explore and  understand the world .  She is very happy to be part of Lil’ Dancing Owls as a daycare with a focus on education through play and fun activities.

On her spare time she enjoys reading, watching movies,  hiking and biking with her family around the Okanagan.


Early Childhood Educator

Amanda loves working with children!  She feels a sense of pride watching children learn and discover new things and new ideas and concepts!  Amanda enjoys helping children achieve in all areas of development, but her favorite part of the day is with the children at circle time……and the hugs!  Amanda feels that being an ECE Teacher is always a rewarding job; she completed and earned her diploma in the Early Childhood Education Program at the Okanagan College in 2007.

Amanda enjoys all sports including playing ice hockey, but her favorite of all hobbies is being with her horse, Easter. In her spare time, Amanda competes in monthly Gymkhanas and competes in barrel races through the British Columbia Barrel Racing Association and the Canadian Barrel racing Association, and with that, Amanda loves her country music!


Early Childhood Educator Assistant

Maeganne has completed her Community Support Worker diploma, as well as obtained her Early Childhood Educator Assistant Certificate through Sprott Shaw College in Kelowna, BC. She is very passionate about helping others, being a part of child development through all ages, and love helping each child grow at their own pace and providing essential teaching tools to help children thrive into the best they can be!

Maeganne has a daughter of her own who she loves spending time with. She is moderately fluent in ASL (American Sign Language) and is very enthusiastic about her career choice. She loves country music, riding horses, playing baseball and enjoy being outdoors. Maeganne is a driven, caring and encouraging person who simply loves life!


Early Childhood Educator Assistant

Aimee moved to Kelowna in 2012 to pursue education and an outdoor lifestyle with her family nearby. When she is not working, she is planning camping trips, hiking mountains, or splashing in a muddy pond catching frogs! She loves sharing her passion for her favorite topics since childhood including bugs, reptiles, and dinosaurs. She is excitedto explore topics through visuals and textiles, preferring to let children melt ice by hand or be a part of a science experiment rather than hoping that they accept facts at face value. She believes music and artistic expression belong in the classroom, and one of her favorite things is to see how a child approaches an art project and puts his/her own uniqueness into it!

Since she was a teenager, she has engaged with children in Church Programs, bouncy castle centres, summer camps, daycares and has cared for her own niece and nephew! She now finds joy and purpose in turning her love for giggles, hugs and knowledge into a career that can impact the young lives of others.

Rhayne McCormick

Early Childhood Educator

Rhayne is a recent graduate of the Early Childhood Education and Infant Toddler Education programs from Okanagan College and has previously completed her Education Assistant Certificate. She has many years experience helping special needs children in School District 23. She loves working with kids, helping them grow and learn, allowing them to freely explore their surroundings. Born and raised in Osoyoos, Rhayne enjoys all that the Okanagan has to offer. In her spare time she loves to go camping, float the nearby rivers, snowboard at Big White and visit local wineries.

Skighe Evans

Early Childhood Educator Assistant

Skighe moved here in 2015 from Alberta to be with her now husband. She started working with children in 2016 but had been a nanny for many years before that. She has always been inspired by children and absolutely loves working with them. Skighe finds such joy watching them grow into their personalities, and being able to learn new things every single day. She loves building good relationships with the children and their families. The Okanagan is such a gorgeous place to live, but she does miss her family and home. Skighe enjoys going back home and seeing her family and friends, road trips are something her husband and her enjoy doing.

She really enjoys hiking, lifting weights and living a healthy lifestyle. But with that being said she also LOVE her sweets!

Right now she is focusing on completing her full ECE and is hoping to be done by September 2021, this way she will be able to provide the best for your children and be able to come up with new, fun ideas for them.